Atlanta Oddities

Updated: May 12, 2019

As you'd expect, the city that provides the backdrop for Stranger Things can get a little weird. Check out these options for unusual experiences and great photo ops in and around the ATL.

The Waffle House Museum

While most people know that Waffle House got its start in Atlanta, a lesser known fact is that the very first Waffle House has been converted into a museum at 2719 East College Avenue in Decatur. Yes, visitors are now welcome to stop in at the Avondale Estates establishment and learn all the details of how Waffle House came into existence. The diner has been restored to its 1955 appearance. There's often live music, and Waffle House swag and free waffles are usually up for grabs. Although the Waffle House restaurants are open 24-7/365, the museum is only open to the public once per quarter. Check here for upcoming dates before planning your visit.

The Penis Tree

I first learned about the Penis Tree from an old "Outside the Perimeter" edition of Creative Loafing. During my inaugural visit, a neighboring homeowner told me that the tree is actually an "Indian Pointer Tree," and as a sapling, it was manipulated by Native American tribes so that it would point to the local water source. That may be true and mildly interesting, but its striking resemblance to a tightly gripped penis is what brings day trippers to the neighborhood. You can find it at 638 St. Anne's Road NW in Marietta.

The Big Chicken

Should you venture OTP to visit the Penis Tree and want to see another giant cock, you can find a 56-foot tall chicken atop the KFC at 12 Cobb Parkway North in Marietta. This structure, known as The Big Chicken, includes a beak and eyes that move. It was designed in 1956 by a Georgia Tech student, and it originally sat atop a restaurant called Johnny Reb's Chick, Chuck, and Shake. Since then, it has become a landmark guiding pilots into the Dobbins Air Reserve Base, and this past year, it even inspired one of the greatest Dragon Con costumes of all time.

Doll's Head Trail

Just inside Constitution Lakes Park, you'll find Atlanta's slightly less terrifying version of Isla de las Muñecas. Doll's Head Trail is a short loop lined with unique displays that range in theme from silly to political to disturbingly creepy. The hike itself isn't strenuous, and the route is typically well-traveled. Set your GPS to navigate to 1305 S River Industrial Blvd SE in Atlanta, and you should be good to go. Also, watch out for snakes and poison ivy while you're on the trail, and don't look directly into the dolls' eyes if you want to keep your soul.

Flavor Tripping at Three Sheets

Once a month, {three} sheets hosts Flavor Tripping events where attendees can eat a berry that alters the tastebuds so that sour foods taste sweet. A special tasting menu includes citrus fruits, unique dessert combinations, and adult beverages. While this experience doesn't really meet my definition of cheap, it's one of those things you should try once. Plus, the bar has a nice atmosphere, and with all the money you'll save with other ATL CHEAP DATE recommendations, you can splurge a little.