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This site grew out of a love affair with Atlanta that started when I was living on a grad student stipend but eager to experience all that the city had to offer.


I began seeking out free and cheap entertainment, and Atlanta did not disappoint.


Several years later, I’ve checked most of the boxes on any given Atlanta “bucket list.” I have a solid list of trendy and off-the-beaten-path activities that I enjoy, and most of my go-to spots are still pretty cheap.


I love sharing my recommendations with anyone who might find them useful, so I’ve created this site to catalogue weekly, seasonal, and year-round events that I think are pretty cool. I occasionally find motivation to share additional tidbits and teasers on my blog, and I am still actively pursuing new attractions that I discover through friends or the magic of the internet.

So... if this sounds like something that might interest you, let’s hang out and see where it goes.



P.S.  I’m definitely interested in engaging with other creatives, so if you’d like to collaborate on a project or be a guest blogger, contact me here.

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