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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Summer is officially here! And sure, your flights may have been canceled and many attractions may remain closed. Fortunately, you can still document a stellar 2020 summer vacay on social media.

With this blog post, I'll show you how to fake vacations to other recognizable cities without leaving Atlanta. I call them fakecations, and I've created three itineraries inspired by popular travel destinations. Each itinerary includes a photo op, a cheap date idea, and a sweet treat.

I've also included a BONUS fakecation that requires a day trip from the city. The destination itself is both a photo op and a cheap date, and although there are no edible treats in the area, the views are pretty sweet!


Fakecation #1: London, England

Every London first-timer must get a picture with a phone booth. (Seriously, I think it's a rule in the Book of Basic or something like that.) Luckily, the entryway to the Red Phone Booth provides the perfect photo op to start your fakecation.

Another must see for tourists is the London Eye. SkyView Atlanta offers a similar experience, so it is my recommended cheap date option for the London fakecation. If you're a big spender, there's a VIP option as well.

Finally, what's a trip to London without a spot of tea? Although indoor dining has not yet resumed in the Atlanta venues that serve high tea, Dr. Bombay's and Zen Tea are both offering high tea to-go. Conclude this fakecation with a tea party picnic, and feel free to invite imaginary friends or stuffed animals without breaking social distancing protocols.


Fakecation #2: Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower just reopened to the public, but you can avoid the crowds with this photo op in front of what used to be Paris on Ponce. I attempted to imitate the "Follow Me To" photo series with a fake hand attached to a selfie stick. You may come up with even better poses.

A second photo op can be staged at the Millennium Gate, which bears a striking resemblance to the Arc de Triomphe. It also doubles as the cheap date option for the Paris fakecation. The top of the monument houses a museum and offers an elevated view of the city. (Its reopening is planned for mid-July, but the exact date has not been determined.)

Complete your Paris fakecation by treating yourself to some French macarons. There are many shops that offer the confections in and around Atlanta. I can't pick a favorite, but if you have one, let me know which it is.


Fakecation #3: Washington, D.C.

Start your D.C. fakecation with a photo op at the Atlanta White House. This private residence is a 3/4 scale replica of the original at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You can find it at 3687 Briarcliff Road. The massive house and grounds are hard to miss, but in case you need confirmation that you're in the right place, there's a sign out front.

Next, head to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and take a free tour of the Atlanta Monetary Museum. Here you can see rare coins and currency and follow the riveting story of money from the days of bartering to now. (Currently, tours are not being offered. However, even during normal operation, photos are not allowed inside. No one will ever know if you take advantage of this cheap date option or not.)

Finish your D.C. trip with a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake. The Buckhead location offers the same flavors as the flagship store, and it is currently open for take-out. The signature flavor is red velvet (pictured), and my favorite flavor is cherry blossom (only available in March).


Bonus Fakecation: The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon fakecation involves a bit of a drive, but it is definitely worth the trip. Providence Canyon State Park, also known as Georgia's Little Grand Canyon, is located in Lumpkin, Georgia - about two and a half hours from Atlanta. You can explore the floor of the canyon and take in some lovely views from the overlook trail.

Although Providence Canyon is listed as one of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders, the canyon did not develop naturally. It actually resulted inadvertently from the poor irrigation practices of farmers in the 1800's. Nevertheless, the canyon is one of the prettiest mistakes I've seen, and as I took my hike, I was reminded of the possibility that good things may eventually result from bad situations.


If you feel inspired, create and share your own fakecations on social media using the hashtag #fakecationchallenge. They can be realistic or ridiculous. The only rule for fakecations is that they should be fun to document and make things suck a little less.


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