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Street Art-inspired Halloween Costumes

I've spent the past year exploring different creative outlets and challenging myself to find new ways to connect with the local arts scene. This October, I combined my love of this city, its art, and Halloween to share weekly costume ideas that coordinate with Atlanta street art. Check out the results below along with cheap date ideas based on each theme.

Costume #1: Tippi Hedren from The Birds with Matt Bahr's mural on Havana Sandwich Shop

Cheap Date Idea: Watch "the birds" land at the DeKalb-Peachtree Airport during lunch at The 57th Fighter.

Costume #2: E.T. and Elliot with Ben Janik's moon

Artist: Ben Janik

Cheap Date Idea: Have drinks in the iconic spaceship/UFO also known as Polaris Lounge.

Costume #3: Taylor Swift with Yehimi Cambrón's Education is Liberation Monarch Butterfly on Buford Highway

Cheap Date Idea: Download the BuHi Food Trail app and take an international culinary tour sans airfare.

Costume #4: Little Red Riding Hood with Nate Frost's wolf mural

Cheap Date Idea: Pack a picnic and take a walk through the woods at Lullwater Park.

Costume #5: Alice in Wonderland with Tiny Doors ATL

Photo Credit: @eugenephoto

Cheap Date Idea: Have tea at Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party. (Apparently, it's the place where love stories are written.)


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