Street Art-Inspired Halloween Costumes: Part Deux

Last year, I shared a series of Halloween costumes coordinated with Atlanta street art. I also paired each costume theme with a cheap date recommendation. The project was intended to be a one-time thing, but 2020 provided plenty of downtime and loads of inspiration for a sequel. Check out the second installment of my street art-inspired Halloween costumes and cheap date recommendations below.

Costume #1: Carol Anne from Poltergeist with Dr. Dax's television at El Ponce

Artist's Website:

Cheap Date Idea: Explore your ability to commune with the spirit world on the Decatur Ghost Tour. I'm not convinced any real ghosts joined when I took the tour, but I enjoyed learning a little about Decatur's history while taking a walk outside.

Costume #2: Smurfette with Angie Jerez's mushroom mural on Path 400

Artist's Website:

Cheap Date Idea: Head to Mellow Mushroom at the Midtown or Johnson Ferry location and take in more mushroom art from Tiny Doors ATL.

Costume #3: The year 1999 with Sean Fahie's boombox in Little Five Points

Artist's Website:

Cheap Date Idea: Revisit the 90's by hitting the arcade at Plaza Fiesta or renting a movie from Videodrome.

Costume #4: Persephone, the goddess of spring turned queen of the underworld, with Angela Faustina's pomegranate mural on Path 400

Artist's Website:

Cheap Date Idea: Learn about other goddesses and queens at the Carlos Museum, and take a break between galleries in the Ebrik Coffee Room.

Costume #5: Joker with the Hapeville Bridge staircase mural by Whitney Stansell and Micah Stansell

Artists' Websites: and

Cheap Date Idea: Catch some of Atlanta's best up-and-coming comedians as well as more established acts at Laughing Skull Lounge.

Costume #6: Carole Baskin - as portrayed in Tiger King and Joe Exotic's "Here Kitty Kitty" video - with some big cat murals from Sanithna, Sabek, Cousin Dan, and DUST

Artists' Websites:,, and

Cheap Date Idea: Take a day trip to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. Self-guided tours are FREE, but donations are encouraged. Several behind the scenes tours are also available at different price points. All funds go toward the care of the animals.